Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CITING possible dangerous landslides resulting from the deep cracks and fissures created by the earth movements at mountain barangays of Sierra Bullones town, government authorities have asked barangay residents to seek temporary shelter and voluntarily leave their homes. 
No less than Mines and GeoSciences Bureau -7 geology chief Al Emil Virador advised residents of Sitio Danao, barangay Magsaysay to immediately leave their homes as they have nothing to expect but landslides once a heavy rain pours anew.
At least 23 households have been reportedly advised to permanently evacuate their homes which integrity in construction has been weakened by cracks.
In fact, Virador said residents have noticed the cracks widening daily despite the absence of rains.
The advise to evacuate was also issued to Barangay Danicop, a village at the base of an overlooking cliff that also show a huge crack. 
Sitio Cansagang of the same barangay could be buried in tons of soil as soon as the gives up eroding the entire village.
Even the more sturdy-built public infrastructure was not spared here, sources said.
In no time, a four-storey riff-raff along the national highway may give in burying the houses facing it, the sources said.
MGB has said the possibility of landslide anytime is so real because of the continuing soil movements.  
Sierra Bullones Mayor Alfredo Gamalo, in separate interviews as reported would effect forced evacuation even as the town officials’ identified Evacuation Center at Dusita High School remained un-occupied. (racPIABohol)