Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27 Sevilla 5:00 PM

Sevilla barangay road
In waist deep water

THE road to Lobgob, in Sevilla of this Bohol hinterland town is still waist deep as of 4:00 PM today making a crossing by simply treading extremely dangerous.

Reports reaching the Philippine Information Agency in Tagbilaran bared that the water at Sevilla river continues to rise dangerously from its banks as relentless rains continue to fall more than 24 hours since it started Wednesday noon.

According to sources, crossing the waist deep road to barangay Lobgob would be risky as the currents are strong and the saturated soil on the roadside is slippery.

For this, Sevilla Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council has advised against treading the water especially as the darkness start to blanket and low hanging clouds still threaten to pour more rains.

Meanwhile, the water from Sevilla River pours into the Sevilla Hydro power dam catchment which has breached critical levels this morning.

The dam authorities have opened the two floodgates to stabilize the bulk of water gushing from the river’s main tributaries.

As of 4:00 unconfirmed reports said that the power plant has shut down its operations due to the danger of water destroying the power turbines.