Thursday, January 27, 2011

1:00 PM 01/27/11
Guindulman Evacuation

RESIDENTS have returned to their homes after evacuation operations in Barangay Casbu in Guindulman town after the high tide contributed to the flooding in the town’s low lying village.

Police sources said the evacuation which was done at the peak of the tides his early dawn was triggered when the high tides contributed to the rain which has
been pouring since noontime yesterday.

Rain and sea water was reportedly rising at waist deep levels in the lowest areas of the village.

Guindulman Police officer SPO1 Ruperto Jayoma, in a telephone interview said the evacuation operations to families living on areas near the water were temporarily sheltered at the local evacuation center: the barangay Chapel.

When the tide ebbed however at around 9:00 AM, the water levels subsided, allowing families to return to their homes.

Town police and disaster authorities are now coordinating with other government and non-government agencies to conduct rescue and relief operations, should a similar evacuation happen.

The situation has retuned to normal, as of 11 AM, said Spo1 Jayoma.

It was not also known if similar evacuation operations would be done as the high tides return this PM.